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Jasmine Liu’s work for Casetext made our product materially better for our users.

As a contract designer working on our legal-document search engine, she designed solutions to research problems faced by lawyers, skillfully deploying color, interaction, and layout to create clear user flows and immediately-compelling features. The features of most note that she designed for us were:

  • Highlighting a lawyer’s search terms when they read legal documents, so they can quickly jump to the part of a law or court case that they most need to read.
  • Allowing lawyers to easily print out a binder of the laws and cases most relevant to them. (Lawyers read on paper quite a bit!)
  • Allowing lawyers to quickly see critical statements by judges relating to their search query, thus doing an “end run” around having to read long legal documents in their entirety.

Her work for us also extended beyond the design of individual features. She prepared a style guide that identified design discrepancies between different parts of our product and proposed means of bringing them in sync, which made our product more consistent and easier to learn for new users.

In addition to possessing strong design skills, Jasmine is a pleasure to work with. Her enthusiasm for understanding lawyers’ problems allowed her to propose innovative solutions that lawyers would never have thought of themselves.


Working with Jasmine was always invigorating and productive. Jasmine’s work, for example, always illustrated that she cared deeply about the end user and helped our entire team focus on what mattered. Similarly, her positive outlook and level-headed approach to solving problems made Jasmine a wonderful person to work with. Lastly, she has a stellar track record at Castext for being a team player.

 Jasmine is also a talented designer. She regularly showed an ability to craft clean, effective visual designs that were regularly shipped at Casetext. Jasmine always worked to improve her design craft as well. She took on projects that were outside her comfort zone and worked to educate herself on aspects of design that she was not already skilled in.


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